The demos for the new CD are nearly complete. With the last CD, …AND YOU WILL KNOW ME BY THE TRAIL OF VOMIT, I wanted to see how inexpensively I could put a professional CD out where I did most all the work (short of mastering it), from writing and recording the music to drawing and laying out all the art. I did it as a personal challenge and to show other artists, especially new ones, that it was an alternative to going massively into debt for a CD yet still make something valid artistically. Overall I was really happy with the results. It was also a really personal CD for me and honestly ended up being a perfect closure to a lot of the hell I’d let my life become over the last decade, since shortly after I ended up hitting rock bottom, quit drinking, and finally started taking care of a lot of shit I should have taken care of long ago.

So I’m in a much better place now and my music is reflecting that in many ways. I’ve just been cutting loose and have some fucking FUN on this CD and actually write a bunch of “club music” inspired by all the music I love in industrial/ebm, from old Meat Beat Manifesto and Nitzer Ebb to Underworld to rhythmic noise and the current harder stuff EBM…and all sorts of stuff in between.

THIS IS JIZZCORE was written for the live shows. …TRAIL OF VOMIT was written to just be listened to. The new one is to pump on the dancefloor.

I’ve of course written “club music” before but generally it wasn’t as deliberate as this and that has been an amazing challenge for me. I’ve learned so damn much in terms of crafting and production, and since clubs are what I’m trying to hit I’m actually bringing in people with significantly more polished production skills to help mix the CD for maximum effect. This explains why I’m doing the campaign in a few weeks– there’s actual COSTS on this CD! But because of that it’s gonna be big and shiny and the baddest motherfucking motherfucker I can put out.

The whole experience has been like raiding someone else’s wardrobe and seeing how everything fits you. It’s been a really exciting and positive time in my life and I think all that energy will translate. There’s still a ways to go, but I’m extremely excited to announce everything on this CD in the next couple months and get the Kickstarter campaign going.

If all goes to plan it’ll beat the ever-living hell out of y’all in early 2011.:)



The Caustic pledge campaign, starting in a few weeks, is looking to raise $2500 for the new CD. Truthfully I could use a bit more, but I think $2500 is attainable and the bare minimum to make this asskicking CD kick the right amount of ass.

There are some seriously fun/ridiculous premiums, especially a few of the limited ones, which I’ll probably announce prior to the campaign rocking.

DESIGNATED DRINKER shot glasses coming!

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I’m done drinking, so now you have to drink for two…or something.


We’re recording the SECOND PART of the Caustic live DVD on October 23rd here in Madison at INFERNO NIGHTCLUB. We’re playing with SENSUOUS ENEMY (who are having a release party for their new PARITY EP) and THE LIGHT ASYLUM opening up. $5. 21 and up. Caustic’s up 2nd.

The reason it’s the 2nd part is that we ended up doing a massively abbreviated (yet mega-fun) set at Kinetik and I think it’d be stupid releasing like a 24 fuckin’ minute live DVD. We’re punk in some ways, but that would still be lame as hell.

Inferno’s website is right here, y0.


Since my regular website’s ridiculously outdated and in need of an overhaul I decided to tweak this as the current “main site” for Caustic, where I’ll be making new announcements and all that shit for the time being. I’ll also be updating with a ton of blogs off my Facebook page.