DIY, Do or Die part ONE

Alright, so here’s the quick backstory:

Earlier this year I put out my third full-length This is Jizzcore, a 2CD on Crunch Pod (  Caustic, The Gothsicles, and Prometheus Burning did an awesome Midwest/East Coast tour to support all 3 of our new releases, I played a few fests, and that was that.

Then I realized in a few short months I’d amassed a bunch of demos, short bits, and just plain cool ideas that started gelling into a new CD.

See, I work fast.  I used to draw a lot (actually I almost went to art school) and I loved the energy of drawing quickly and just seeing what happens.  I do music the same way generally– once I hook into a track I know I can finish it.

The new CD will be significantly more personal than anything I’ve done previously (but, strangely, still fun), dealing with my drinking problem, being a fuck-up, and basically the last 10-12 years of my life.  I’ve touched on some of that in a few other songs but this time there was an actual theme to the CD.  Not a concept CD in that it tells a story, but all of the songs came from the same place and I’ve never had that cohesion before.  Maybe it was the simple focus of blasting them out in such quick succession (yet still sounding very different, from gabber to dub to ebm and noise).

The best way I describe it is if I did a punk rock record and got electronic remixes of all the songs with all the “real” instruments removed and only the vocals remaining.  That’s this CD.

It’s going to be called …AND YOU WILL KNOW ME BY THE TRAIL OF VOMIT.

I’m also in the mood to try something different and since I’ve got dick for a budget and Crunch Pod’s got a full release schedule I’ve decided to do this as cheaply as possible and putting it out myself.  I’m also putting it together as “old school” as possible in terms of packaging– plastic slip cases with photocopied art done by moi, hand numbered and signed.  I thought it would be fun to take technology out of the picture a bit so I’m assembling all the art and type by hand.  I was severely into the directness of the statement in the packaging from the NO ROOM FOR TALENT label ( and thought I’d try it myself, combining it more with the early 90s ‘zine style of art layout.

I was planning on putting the new CD out as a CDR (meaning it’s burned or duplicated, vs replicated, aka “a real CD”) but in looking into it I can get 1000 replicated CDs from (a local CD place that does a ton of work for Crunch Pod and myself) for pretty much LESS than 3-400 CDRs.

So why not?

You may ask “Why not jewel cases or digipacks?”

Three reasons:

1) I can get a spindle of CDs for less than $500 and it costs more than DOUBLE that for the cases, printing of art, and all that.

2) I want to sell this release for $5 flat.  I want people to buy it and let others know about it.  To do that without losing my ass I decided to use a different aesthetic which suits the style of the music and my attitude.

3) I can ship them much more cheaply if it’s essentially just a CD going through the mail.  Again, cost conscious to reach the largest audience for the least amount of money.

To cover all the basic costs (including the replication of the CDs, barcode, all the materials for the packaging, mastering, etc) I will be doing a VERY limited edition of 100 signed and numbered copies.  These will have different packaging, possibly some original art or a ltd edition sticker, and most likely come with a 3″CDR (like the aCaustic discs for This is Jizzcore) of material that will ONLY come with the special edition. 

All hand assembled by me.  This provides (I think) something special for fans and collectors of my shit and a definite increased value simply due to the personalness of how it’s put together.  This will take some time, after all.

If I sell HALF of them at $15 (incl. U.S. postage) I think I can cover pretty much all my costs.  I hope to do this in presales so the release is paid for before it even hits the virtual shelves.

By the way, I in no way expect to sell 1000 CDs– I’ll probably move 3-500 depending on how many shows I do and word of mouth.  Luckily with digital distro it will all be profit.  This will help pay for merch and other things to help push the release and, hopefully, help me get enough amassed to cover doing another CD.

And one final, important note: This is not the only way to do things.  This is the way I want to do things.  I want to show that you don’t necessarily need a label if you know how to build grassroots enthusiasm (this blog being a part of that plan)  Personally I just think it’s a fun experiment.  We’ll see if it works.  Hope you stick with me.

P.S.- I haven’t left Crunch Pod either.  I just have an open door policy on how I do my stuff.  CP is awesome that way.


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3 responses to “DIY, Do or Die part ONE

  1. As with all things, keep pushing Matt. I see nothing but success in store for this project.

    • It’ll be a success just getting it out. I try to set up a “no fail” policy financially for it, but that’s after 7 years of busting my ass trying to get a base of people I know will follow what I do and enjoy it.

      I’m very fortunate in that regard. Having a core of loyal friends and fans that support you helps tremendously and gives me the confidence to try this stuff.

      • sometimes i wonder if you have any idea exactly how many people look up to you, and use your actions as a benchmark.

        on second thought, don’t sweat that. just keep being awesome.

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