Faderhead rant on live show photographers


Sami from Faderhead gives some pointed advice to live concert photographers.  A bit harsher than I’d be, but then again I generally look like a twit on stage and Sami IS an incredibly gifted photographer in his own right.

Check it out, as well as Faderhead’s music @ http://www.myspace.com/faderhead666


One response to “Faderhead rant on live show photographers

  1. this is TRUTH. i know more than a few “local” photographers who seem to get off on taking the absolute stupidest photos they can just so they can have something “silly” to post on the internet.

    this is right up there with people who try to banter with their friends while they’re on stage; unless your friend gets it going, creates an environment where it’s appropriate, keep your mouth closed! you wouldn’t do that if you saw a friend performing a play would you? of course not! have some respect.

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