DIY, Do or Die part THREE

(this is the ongoing blog on the creation and process behind my upcoming CD “AND YOU WILL KNOW ME BY THE TRAIL OF VOMIT…”)

So per usual I’ve bogged myself down with too much stuff other than the new album.  I’ve got two remixes (okay, three, but the third I need to completely figure out on my own from the original track), 2 live sets for 2 different projects, ANOTHER potential new project which I’ll be contributing vocals, and zero time to do most of it.

Oh, AND organizing details of this year’s REVERENCE showcase at the Forward Music Festival (

Luckily when I am able to work on music the vocal recordings have been smooth, except that my fucking pile of shit computer’s running sloooowwww these days, and the music I make generally eats processer like a fat kid at an Old Country Buffet.

The good news is that I have a lot of the guest work for the CD getting going.  Nick Vasculator is gleefully destroying our track Altered Ego, I’m getting guest vox on Second Hand Sex Toys from Charleen of Uberbyte and hopefully additional African drumming from the gent who rocks Servitor Sanctum 7 (who played drums at the Detroit tour gig as well), The Vomit Arsonist has Piss and Vinegar to add some geetar hell to, and both Unwoman and Empusae will soon be receiving tracks for their contributions as well.

Maniportia, a track I’d hoped to have done for This is Jizzcore, has FINALLY come together.  Some of my tracks take dozens of attempts as I’ll have the feel and lyrics ready but not be 100% on direction.  I now have the direction, thanks to me peeking through a bunch of discarded ideas I had started and latching onto one that wasn’t intended for anything.  My advice on that is ALWAYS save your good ideas– even incomplete– as you can sometimes mine the good elements later.  Booze Up and Riot’s main line was ganked from a discarded track, too.

One of my main “problems” is that I have too many freakin’ ideas, and am already working on the lyrics and music to an EP that I’ll maybe be doing after this.  My focus is about that of a gamer after 20 Code Reds and three days straight of campaigns, but I’ve learned to deal with it as needed.  Great ideas regardless, but I need to clamp down and get some shit done when I have time.  Luckily Saturday AM I’ll have a few hours before Brian Schuh (my compatriot in Parasite Twin) will be over to help work on and refine material for our Reverence appearance.

Much to do, but it’s getting done and then I’m sending the tracks off to the capable Clint Sand ( who will be mastering up the CD and make it sound like 10 times the awesome.  Clint also did the new Terrorfakt CD that people should check out from Metropolis:

We’ll see where I’m at in a week or so.  I may be doing “multiple covers” for the CD art, not so people are forced to buy all of them, but just so it’s a little more special and individualized for those purchasing it.

I’m also thinking of doing a sew-on patch for a chunk of the ltd editions as a special incentive to order, but I need to chat up with Mr. Loveless on that a bit more as he knows a damn fine DIY way to make ’em cheap:)


2 responses to “DIY, Do or Die part THREE

  1. best of luck with the album Matt!

  2. I am really into starting songs. And NOT into finishing them. So I have way too many ideas too. This is one of the biggest reasons why I switched to Ableton Live. With FL in the c.r.b. days, it would take FOREVER to merge ideas from one FL file to another.

    With ableton it’s literally drag and drop one entire idea, or part of one, and drop it into another song. Amazing really.

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