Daily Archives: August 14, 2009

Why I Do It (the short version)

It’s not about a career.   It’s about a memory.  It’s about connecting your passions to someone else’s.  It’s about making them dance, or think, or feel, or laugh.  It’s about letting someone associate your music and words with a beautiful, or terrible, or happy, or tragic time in their lives.

It’s about being human.  And flawed.  And both harshly judging that in yourself and others.  It’s about primal expression and throwing every bit of yourself into something, damn the consequences.

It’s about sacrifice—physical, mental, emotional.  It’s about testing your abilities and pushing yourself one step further.  It’s about not knowing why you still do it but going on because something’s making you deep inside, whether you want to continue or not.  It’s about playing fair and still succeeding.  It’s about showing anyone who wants to knock you down that you can still win, regardless of how much you suck, or screw up.

It’s about being a professional at an amateur hour and showing them “how it’s done”.  It’s about fearlessness and freedom and jumping off the cliff and hoping the wind blows you back.

It’s about respect.  Respecting the audience and respecting your art, regardless of if it’s stupid, silly, or profane.  It’s about respecting your art because it IS art, as all art is equal but not all art is good, or honest, or sincere.  It’s about respecting those who inspired you to do what you do and paying them back by doing the best you can.

It’s about bringing friends along for the ride.  It’s about bonding with strangers and meeting new people and encouraging them to do what they really want.  It’s about leading the way, humbly, and knowing that all your opinions are just opinions, and that you’re most likely full of it anyway.

It’s about staring into the eyes of a crowd and not backing down.  It’s about confrontation and confidence.   It’s about failing and failing better.

It’s about inspiration and purity mired in crazy and chemicals and adrenaline.  It’s full power.  It’s 100%.

It’s about laughing at yourself and despite everything just enjoying what you do.

It’s about the second you walk on stage and the second you get off.  It’s about “the zone”.  It’s about ignoring  the apathy and embracing the energy.  It’s about winning them over or completely turning them off, as any reaction is better than no reaction.

It’s about working countless hours alone on something and then revealing it to the world and hope they enjoy it, especially when you only did it for yourself in the first place.

It’s all about the ride.