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All (underground) Music Fans Should Read This



Remixing 101 with a New Teacher

Dan Clark from The Dark Clan/Stromkern/sometimes Caustic live is an amazingly creative, inventive, and technically adept fella who I’m honored to call my friend.  He recently (well, today) got a blog up on the excellent www.darktwincities.com website (a Minneapolis/St Paul “local” site with great national reviews, interviews and blogs)  regarding on how HE approaches remixing.  It’s a very different process than mine and no less or more correct, but interesting and inspiring nonetheless.

Check it out.


And listen to The Dark Clan here: http://www.myspace.com/thedarkclan

He’s got a new CD called “Goths on a Boat” coming out on the San Francisco label DLVN soon, as well!