A very interesting discussion on the use and “professionality” of CDRs

Todd Durant is the owner and operator of the amazingly resilient synthpop label A Different Drum (and I mean that with all respect intended– he’s stuck it out hardcore…even if the music’s not:)) and recently blogged about his thoughts on CDRs, aka “duplicated” CDs.


While I agree in theory with Todd, I’m obviously more of a “I think the media should be appropriate for the art/music”, with some art/music being more “for REAL CD” and some being more for duplication.  I’ve done severely ltd runs of some Caustic simply because I WANTED to do a severely ltd run, and thought that format was best for the project and felt no compromise (both artistically or financially) for doing it.

Obviously Todd feels differently and presents his arguments well, so I happily share the link for you to decide on your own.

Mind you, this is also coming from a guy whose new CD will be professionally replicated but LOOK like a CDR…so, well, I tend to not really give a shit.  I also don’t think a synthpop CD would work well in the same format.  Again, appropriateness…

Also, read the comments, as both sides of the debate are represented.  “Eric” is my good pal Eric Oehler of Null Device, and I tend to agree with his statements more than Todd’s, but that doesn’t make either side more valid.

How’s that for fair and balanced reporting.  SUCK IT, FOXNEWS!;)


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