Some fast answers to important questions

Topic: Does music sound better made on hardware or software?

Answer:  Shut the fuck up.

Next topic:  What is “industrial”?

Answer: Shut the fuck up.

Next topic: Do you like pizza?

Answer: Yes.


9 responses to “Some fast answers to important questions

  1. Well, at least music sounds better without unedited Vanguard presets :|

    • Eh, it’s all what you use in terms of filters or compressors. Most people have no clue what a “Vanguard preset” is anyway. There’s a reason they’re overused– they sound good.

      I use Slayer in FLoops just to annoy people.:)

    • Access Virus presets are any better though?

      The point is who cares. Good is good. Hell, 10’s of thousands of corset wearing parent haters bought VNV cds and that’s basically the same 3 presets over and over.

  2. The Vanguard presets are even better with Trance Gate turned on.

  3. You need to have a fight with that dude from velvet acid christ.

    I have popcorn.

  4. Pizza from NJ or Wisconsin?

  5. I need more chicken.

  6. When we saw VNV live last month, I asked Ronan “OMG is that your rockin’ modular at the beginning of Sentinel?!” and he was all like “no it was a softsynth” and I was like OMFGWTFBBQ!111111111111111111111

  7. Awesome! :)

    re: VNV, from Matter + Form, he’s been using only software, because he feels strongly you can make music just as good on software as on hardware, and wanted to show it.

    Whether you like VNV or not is a different matter, but I agree their new albums sound at least as professional as the old ones.

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