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DIY Do or Die part five: The Releasening

So first off apologies to the few of you who were reading this and wanted an update on the new CD.  What was meant as a “quick and dirty let’s-just-get-it-out” CD turned into a “holy shit a lot of life crap happens and I wasn’t able to finish it until a few weeks ago”.

With that said “…AND YOU WILL KNOW ME BY THE TRAIL OF VOMIT” is done and currently being mastered by Ben Arp (aka C/A/T, Captive Six, and owner of Crunch Pod, my label).  I’m self-releasing this one for $5 a pop with hand drawn art in a plastic sleeve.  This is for a several reasons (some of which were mentioned in the earlier posts regarding the CD):

1) I wanted to try a more DIY aesthetic on it and literally do almost all of it LITERALLY myself, hence the hand drawn art (and laid out- no graphic design programs were used).  Even though this will be a professionally replicated CD like you could buy in any store (hell, it’ll have a barcode), it was done in the spirit of the indie releases I used to love finding at small record stores.

2) Shipping is much cheaper when you aren’t sending full-sized jewel cases.  This makes it easier for me to sell the CDs cheaper to fans.

3) I wanted to produce and release a CD, including all the incidentals like extras for the limited edition, printing costs, etc, for as low an amount as I could while still supplying the quality I wanted to.  Everything for this CD is costing around $1050.00 (usually replicating 1000 CDs costs $1200-1400, and this includes EVERYTHING not related to the replication), and since putting the presale up on Sunday (meaning 4 days ago) I’m about 3 CDs away from already breaking even.  I’m not saying that to brag (as pleased as I am with that fact), I’m saying that to show there are ways to do this that won’t destroy you financially and, obviously, if you can build a fanbase of people who are willing to support you.

4) I wanted to give Crunch Pod a reprieve from having to release a weirder-than-normal Caustic cd and not tie up money at the label so we can get other stuff out.

And the extra fun part for me is that very few people have heard ANYTHING on the disc.  Why do I like this?  Because it means people will still be awesome and buy music without having to hear every fucking note thirty times.  That makes me happy.  So there.

Speaking of happy, I’m actually pretty damn happy with this CD.  When I sent it to a select group of friends I got similar reactions along the lines of “this isn’t a typical Caustic CD…but is.”  It’s more personal in many ways and stylistically I tried to push myself in some different directions.  It’s not as much a 4/4 stompfest (although there are a few tracks like that) and I enjoyed going for more sparseness on certain tracks than I feel I’m known for.

Also, I’m scared to release it in some ways.  I was terrified until I got the feedback from my pals assuring me it didn’t totally suck, and to me that fear makes the CD a success regardless of anything, because it demonstrates that I didn’t fall back on the same bullshit.  I want to be scared creatively, as even if the whole track (or CD) isn’t successful I know I learned something and can use it later.  I don’t ever want to put out the same CD twice, or half-ass one.  I want to force myself to fight my natural proclivity to say “eh, that’s good enough.”  I need to know I won’t settle, and hopefully that’ll show through to those who listen to it.

Anyway, here’s the link to order it.  It’ll be out in April. 



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