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DIY Do or Die part six: That worked?!?

So, in short, the plan worked.  I sold out of the limited edition in 18 days.  By setting it up and pricing it the way I did I’m now in the black on the whole new CD, which of course doesn’t factor in all the hours I’ll be putting in packaging and mailing the damn things, but at least I know I won’t lose the farm on it.  I’m sure some douchebag will read this and go “Good!  I don’t mind stealing it now!”, but since I already explained how I wanted it to work I just felt I should be honest in saying “Yeah, it did.  Aren’t I smart?  Or something.”

I’ve talked here and there about never being complacent in creating art, and this CD, for me, is really the totality of that.  It’s for all intents and purposes actually a “serious” CD for me, dealing with a lot of things in my past it took me a long time to get grips on, mainly my alcoholism (which I’m working on- 12 days sober as of writing this).  It’s ridiculously fitting that the last song on the CD is the one I’m actually freaked out the most by, and that it coincidentally ends up being a hopeful swansong to my longstanding relationship with booze.

I’ve listened to the new CD innumerable times and I’m really proud of it, and the response to it from my friends who kindly previewed it and gave me feedback was of positive confusion (and meant as a compliment– they didn’t see it coming:)).  I released a bunch of tracks to DJs today and the response (and demand) has been much more positive than I expected.

You don’t make music for anyone but yourself, or at least I don’t, but it’s of course nice that people appreciate what you do.

Part of me hopes this shuts a few of my naysayers up that I can’t just make “funny songs” (which is fucking ridiculous if you actually have listened to a lot of my stuff– the titles notwithstanding, I have a lot more “serious” songs than I get credit for, but whatever).  If it doesn’t it’s not going to really affect me one way or another, because I now have a lot more confidence in what I can do as an artist.  Does that mean I’m going to turn into fucking Coldplay?  Hell no.  I have many, many bad ideas yet to unleash on the electronic scene, but at the same time I don’t feel any obligation to act one way. 

I feel bad for an artist who feels they can’t express a thought other than one they’re “known for”.  Maybe that’s a confine of popularity and not wanting to disappoint, but to me it’s self-censorship, and that’s completely against how my head works.  If an artist wants to be fearless they need to confront what’s expected of them and not rest on their laurels.  Be what you are, not what they want you to be.  Screw the opinions, as most of those people are too afraid to even TRY to accomplish what many of us try and do.

I’ll probably do a few more updates on the actual release when it’s ACTUALLY released– right now the master is at Sooperdooper and will be sent to replication soon, but I’m cool leaving it here for right now.

The official release date is April 13th.  I’m really looking forward to it.

Now on to the new EP, the Causticles CD I’m working on with Brian from The Gothsicles, and the live DVD for Kinetik in May.  Thanks for sticking around.

Samples are here: