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The Caustic http://www.kickstarter.com pledge campaign, starting in a few weeks, is looking to raise $2500 for the new CD. Truthfully I could use a bit more, but I think $2500 is attainable and the bare minimum to make this asskicking … Continue reading

DESIGNATED DRINKER shot glasses coming!

These are going to be in stock in 2 weeks:
PROOF of the new shot glasses!

Guaranteed dishwasher safe!

ONE for $5 + $2.50 U.S. shipping = $7.50 TOTAL
TWO for $9 + $4 U.S. shipping = $13 TOTAL
FOUR for $17 + $6 US shipping = $23 TOTAL

PAYPAL causticmerch@gmail.com and make sure to include CORRECT ADDRESS!

OVERSEAS shipping rates: $5 for the first glass (so $10 USD) and $3.50 per glass over that.

I’m done drinking, so now you have to drink for two…or something.