I figured it’s easier to do this than explain the same stuff over and over. I’ll be adding to it as I remember questions I get asked a lot.

CONTACT Caustic at causticmerch@gmail.com.


When did Caustic start?

Why did you name the project Caustic?

It was the only name I came up with that my then girlfriend/now wife Sigrid liked and she has better taste than me so I kept it.

What equipment do you use?

I have exclusively used the much maligned Fruityloops Studio to create all of Caustic’s music from day one, upgrading to newer (and less maligned) versions of the program over the years. I also use Soundforge for sound editing, sampling, and vocal recording.

Why haven’t you switched to Cubase/Logic/Ableton Live?

I’m too lazy, plus I know how to use FL Studio and actually enjoy using it with success to show people that you can use a relatively inexpensive program to make (in my opinion) cool music. Mostly it’s because I’m lazy though.

How do I get your music?

Caustic is on most all digital download services, but I prefer people to get my stuff digitally on http://caustic.bandcamp.com. If you want to buy physical CDs I suggest http://crunchpod.bandcamp.com/ and look for my stuff there. You can also buy most of my CDs directly from me, so email me at causticmerch @ gmail.com.

What was your first official release?

A CD-R EP called I Am On Fire, which was 100 copies and had a Caustic comic book by Seth Riley (who has subsequently done a ton of work with Caustic). It was reissued with a ton more stuff with the I Am On Fire Megaflamer Edition, minus the comic.

Is Caustic a “serious” band?

I take what I do seriously from a creative standpoint and Caustic isn’t a “joke band” or even a band at all technically– I’m Caustic like Trent Reznor is Nine Inch Nails, but at the same time if you take anything creative too seriously you’re stifling yourself. I don’t try to limit my creativity so I don’t try and limit what I can do with Caustic.

Who plays with Caustic live?

Caustic is mainly backed by Brian and Kat from The Gothsicles, but has also been joined on stage frequently by Eric Gottesman (Everything Goes Cold), Ben Arp (C/A/T), Jason Hollis (Endif), Josev and Maggie (CTRLSHFT), Eric Oehler (Null Device), and Emily Mills (Little Red Wolf, amongst other bands). Caustic frequently brings up guest players depending on the event. A fairly comprehensive list can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caustic_(band)

What is “Tell Me About My Uterus”?

It’s a sample from the Cronenberg film Dead Ringers and was used in a song called MMM Papscraper I Love You and subsequently became a popular Caustic shirt design. Originally I just thought it was a creepy thing to put in a song but it’s since become strangely embraced by a lot of Caustic’s female fans. Cool by me.

What happened with Caustic and the KMFDM tour?

Caustic was set to perform on the KMFDM/Combichrist tour for 5 dates in 2006. At the first of the 5 performances at Chicago’s House of Blues a flier ended up getting thrown on stage, apparently by someone who played with Caustic that night, for a festival that Caustic was playing at. Sasha was having apparently having a bad night (he fired his light tech as well) and called me the next day and told me I was off the tour due to the flier.

It sucked. It’s over. Everything’s fine. Whatever.

Did you really stop drinking, and why?

Yes. And because I’m an alcoholic and was sick of destroying myself for going on 2 decades. Don’t get me wrong– I had a lot of fun over the years but like with anything that alters you it only gives so much and then it starts taking, and it started taking from me big time. It was all my choice after I hit rock bottom one night after a Caustic gig and it was one of the best decisions I’d ever made. I’m twice as productive creatively and Caustic shows have improved a lot on top of it, IMHO. I’m the happiest I’ve been in a really, really long time.

How do I get a Caustic remix?

Ask. I’m on break now because I’m entirely too busy in my “real life” and working on music, but if I can do one I try to. I’m probably going to start charging soon though, and only because it weeds out people who just ask anyone to those who seriously want one. Plus remixing takes time away from my wife and animals and that’s worth something a lot more to me than dicking around with someone else’s music (fun as it can be:))

How do I book Caustic for a show/festival/bat mitzvah?

Ask. causticmerch@gmail.com is the best way to do this.

What’s your stance on illegal downloading?

I think it’s okay in moderation in the sense that if you download something and like it that you please BUY it and support the artist. Getting pissed off that people are stealing music is about as productive as getting pissed off that I have to pay taxes or lost my hair: There ain’t much I can do about it. All I do is ask that people respect the time and money I put into entertaining you on whatever level and buy either my music or merchandise to support what I do in some small way. I don’t HAVE to release music, but I do LIKE to, and since putting out music on CD and getting T-shirts or whatever costs money I need to at least BREAK EVEN to keep wanting to share what I do. I think that’s only fair.

Why did you self-release …TRAIL OF VOMIT and not on Crunch Pod?

Because I wanted to conduct an experiment in doing a CD cheaply and as DIY as possible to show that it could be done. I did this both to prove it to myself and to hopefully inspire other artists to not feel they need label support to release music if they’re willing to put the time and effort behind it. I also wanted to sell it at a significantly cheaper price and because of the risk inherent with everything I was doing differently I figured I’d do it without Crunch Pod so I could do exactly what I wanted and not have to worry about the label recouping. I had Crunch Pod’s blessing on, too– Ben Arp mastered the disc, in fact.

How did you get a shirt on Hot Topic?

The guy that’s made my tshirts since the beginning had an opportunity to get a few artists on the website and they for some inexplicable reason thought Caustic shirts could be a good idea to sell. So far they aren’t on clearance yet so I guess it’s going okay.

Where can I read your rants over the last few years?

Right on this site. Use the search tool for topics.

Are you an arrogant prick?

Nope, not in my mind. I just like writing and have some strong opinions. I also have trouble sugarcoating what I see as bullshit sometimes and when I do write I kinda just let things fly and see what sticks. Mind you anything I rant about is JUST my opinion, so disagree if you want and call me out. If I’m wrong I’m generally happy enough to admit it, or at least it forces me to think my bullshit out more and MAKE MY BULLSHIT STRONGER!

Besides, I dish more shit on myself than anyone. I have very little clue as to what I’m doing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t say the same for most anybody. I’m nice. I just have a big mouth.


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